A Friend In Need: In the style of Egdar Allen Poe

Once upon a noontime cloudy
While I snored, rather loudly
Enough to wake the entire floor
Suddenly there came a tapping
As of some one gently rapping
Rapping at my chamber door
“Tis some bastard” I mumbled
“Tapping at my chamber door
Only this and nothing more”

Wearily I awoke, and surly
Annoyed I was awakened so early
By the knocking on my chamber door
Slowly I groped my way
Muttering blasphemy I dare not say
Yet wondering whom it may
May be knocking at my chamber door
Could it be Mads or Riddhi?
Perhaps, but I’m not sure
Only them and no one more

Swiftly I donned my sandals
And violently grabbed the handle
And wrenched open my chamber door
To my utter surprise
In all opposition to my surmise
‘Twas Shanaya all covered in hives
Hives full red and raw
“Good grief!” I shouted
“You’re dripping pus upon my floor!
Get thee gone you stupid whore!”

“Help me!” Shanaya exclaimed
“I think I’m allergic” she explained
“I’m spouting ooze from every pore”
“I’m well aware you stupid goose
You’re dribbling all over my shoes
And if you think I’ll help your screw is loose
And loose like never before!
Leave me now and bother me no more”

Shanaya’s face was steadily bloating
All the while I stood there gloating
Smirking outside my chamber door
“Please!” she begged me
“You must befriend me
Others didn’t recognize me
Recognize me, as I’m full of sores
Let me in my only friends
A friend like never before
Only this i ask and nothing more”

Surely you must be joking?
Fun at me you must be poking
Standing right outside my chamber door
Let you in you ask? No i cannot act
You’re too ugly now and thats a fact
As to friendship? Well thats that
Thats one thing now no more
Surely its not my fault
I’m shallow but don’t be sore
Well, so long schmuchk I’ll be your friend never more.

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