Old Drawing

Xaviers College Mumbai - The Chapel in the first Quad. (Not my photo)

Xaviers College Mumbai - The Chapel in the first Quad. (Not my photo)


Wizard: A drawing a did based on the gothic style architecture.

Really old work.

When I was studying in Mumbai I passed the interminably dull classes by drawing constantly. The class was huge so I got away with it because it looked like I was taking notes.

My college had three classes in the arts section; A B & C, which were divided according to marks.

The very bright were in A, the average in B and the positively awful in class C.

Riddhi and her Girly Gang of Terror were all in C. I’m assuming it was marks but it could be some other idiotic system of organization.

98% of the Arts section were women. The lucky 2% of the men were scattered here and there, rejoicing or ruing being stuck with a bunch of women in various stages of their menstrual cycles.

Anyway there were about 190 students crammed into one class room. The class was a long rectangle with a blackboard one end and a raised platform for the teachers desk. There were 2 rows of longs benches. You could squeeze about 7 people on each bench. It was easy to be invisible. The building itself is a lovely one. (St. Xaviers College, Mumbai)

Built by the Brits in a gothic style. The influence is obvious I suppose.

(The St. Xaviers picture is from xavs2000.tripod.com/ Xaviers3.jpg)


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