I like to say Ganga-banga or Banga-ganga

(To non desi’s: ‘Banganga’ is pronounced as ‘Baan-gung-ga’, or as I like to say it ‘Bunga-gunga’)

Flute concert in a ancient water tank right in the heart of Mumbai. Getting there meant wandering down small cobbled alleyways. Surprisingly in Bombay of all places, you got the same feeling as when wandering around Venice or tiny alleyways in Paris.

The alleys were lined with a bunch of shops selling dubious sandwiches and large kites with pictures of Amitabh Bacchan and Rani Mukkerjee on them.

The most important thing the shops sold ‘Fatafats’. Black sweets, smaller than a marble. Made of a sugary hard substance which surrounds a mysterious bitter paste inside the ball. I think the name of the sweet refers to the effect it has on your digestive system a few hours after consumption. Imagine Brussel sprouts or asparagus and you’ll know what I mean.

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