Karjat Trip



Karjat was good. I seem to have gone there every-time I went home. I both blame and praise Riddhi for this (and Mane).

The joint politics there were phenomenal. Leo and I had to constantly maneuver to make sure Riddhi sat next to us since she and Mane were the only people who had all the maal supply for some reason.

Mahtre, Riddhi’s ex, was constantly trying to steal her from us, the devious bastard. Our initial tactic was to call Riddhi over and profess our love for her, unfortunately this wore off and the spliff politic tables turned to favor the other side of the Gazebo.

What was to be out next move. We needed to make sure the joint was passed anti-clockwise so that it would reach us before it was completely over! Tragedy stuck –  The joint had been passed clockwise. Then even Leo turned on me (the traitor).

But all turned out well in the end. Riddhi was ours. She commandeered that J in our direction. God bless her.

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