The Cold Shoulder

In the process of obsessively blogging nonsense, and shirking the real work I should have done I also was really late in picking someone up from the airport.

To make matters worse the tubes decided now was a great time to breakdown, specifically on the line I needed to use.

The Charing Cross branch of the Northern line, usually so elusive, was thriving today.

But the bank branch? The one line I truly, truly was banking on (hah! I joke at a time of crisis), the line that might just help me make up for lost time?? Would I make it???


Signal failure. I was doomed.

Victoria to Stockwell, get off at Stockwell, get on a train that’s going via Ch X, then get off at Kennington when I realize it’s the wrong train, hear a message that says the Bank line is closed. Realize the train is the only damn train.

Fine I say, I’ll take the Ch X to Leicester Sq. change to the Piccadilly, get back off at Kings Cross Pancreas and then back on the northern line to Old St. All will be well.

All goes according to plan until I reach Russell Sq, one stop before Kings X,

“Ladies and Gentlemen Kings Cross will be closed because of signal failure, a bus service is available from Russell Sq….”

Swear profusely.

Get off Russell Sq, run out of the tube, desperately look for busses, give up, call impatient and angrily festering person, grovel miserably, say I’m taking a cab, call Addison Lee, some idiot women tells you that they don’t pick up cash customers from train stations only addresses.

You argue that they have picked you up before, she says it must have been a one-off but its company policy not to allow…. hang-up.

Flag down a black cab on the High St. Phew! Finally!

Mentally curse cabbie for driving at a snail’s pace.

Then realize he’s at a red light. Damn those red lights.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Why why why god why????

I walk up the stairs and the waiting person smiles a little, am I saved?? Is it possible I am forgiven??


It was a ruse.

I will be punished for this incompetence.

This person is now more frigid than the current London weather (-6 to -16 degrees C)


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