Leo’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Love for Heble

Leo asks me to ask Heble

“Do you miss me?”

(or without quotes: does he miss him.)

Heble says: (12:08:44 pm)

“Of course I miss him. what kind of heartless, cold bastard does he take me for asking such questions?”

Leo Loves Heble

Leo Loves Heble

When Leo first came to London to stay with us, he thought two men together was odd, unnatural even.
As he gradually accustomed himself to the gay side of London (and more importantly, Rocky and Hans as a couple), his homophobia softened.

Soon he was out hanging in gay bars, peeing in gay loos, and having drunken gay men letching over gay urinals at him.

One memorable incident was when an Irish leprechaun bought him a drink and Leo, the coy boy that he is, kissed him.

I get up and walk down to my living room to find Leo nowhere. I’m confused…worried, I look everywhere…. his shoes and jacket are here, he couldn’t have gone out?? Where was he???


I was horrified to find he slept in Rocky and Hans BEDROOM…..



My suspicions have been raised.

Leo is constantly upstairs in the ‘Rocks’ room.

Now Rocky is flying home a week earlier while Leo flies in with Hans.

I have a bad feeling that Leo is either joining some kind-of a threesome or trying to break up Rocky and Hans. (The kabab-mei-haddi that he is)


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