More Photograms

I got bored with pure photograms to I decided i would scratch and burn them to make them slightly more interesting.

Burning photograph paper is incredibly pungent.

Dull stuff no one in their right mind wants to know?

Yes folks, it’s a blog.

Burn Gram

Burn Gram



2 thoughts on “More Photograms

  1. I see you and Leo have decided to diversify your blogging circle. You’re right about the whole women lesbian thing. I just hate Sydney lesbian culture but at the same time can’t get enough of it. I check out girls, pursue girls, get upset about girls, befriend girls: but haven’t fucked one in more than a year. Oh, and! I simply <>LOVE LOVE LOVE<> so much of your artwork and would be over the moon if you would let me publish some in the university magazine that I edit. Our inside back cover is for artwork only. Better go comment on Leo’s; I know he’ll get iffy if I don’t. -Mansha

  2. yes leo and i are diversifying. we even stooped to asking some popular girl in delhi to link us on her trendy blog. of course, she hasnt replied to leo.

Deranged comments preferred

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