My First Drawing, Among Other Things.


Memory is a tricky thing

Memory is a tricky thing

My second in the series of bird heads but my first that I have ever been fond of over a long period of time (even though I can now see just how riddled with mistakes it is)

My tutor Anne remarked that it looked like the characters were in love.

Why, I ask?

Well, she replies, they are both wearing nothing. Naked people in a room together must be in love…

Shows how little she knows about sex in the 21st century.


6 thoughts on “My First Drawing, Among Other Things.

  1. Good point, 21st Century sex can be just as exposive [& fun] yet lack emotional attachment. At the end of the day we are all ruled by animal instinct! right?

    • Sure thing – I can put it on society6 – I haven’t yet because there is an error with the top half (I stuck a piece of paper on, after deciding that A4 was too small and it needed more height)

      If i print it it’ll be very small (I can only print a4)

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