Todays News: March 14th Steak and Blow-Job Day

Dil To Pagal Hair

Dil To Pagal Hair

According to Leo and a site called March 14th is officially a male valentines day.

Replacing flowers for meat and chocolates for blow-jobs.

Just what every man wants, the site and Leo claim.

…And in a parallel universe,

March 14 is also the unofficial celebration for Pi Day [ π: 3.14.]

It is usually celebrated at 1:59 PM (in recognition of the six-digit approximation: 3.14159).
Some, using a twenty-four-hour clock rather than a twelve hour clock, say that 1:59 PM is actually 13:59 and celebrate it at 1:59 AM or 3:09 PM (15:09) instead.

Parties have been held by mathematics departments of various schools around the world. (I love that bit.)

In defense of V day, I must admit, I did have very some good steak Feb 14th. No BJ though. No ding-dong either.

I always assumed the point of Valentines day was for the man to shower faux affection, flowers and expensive lingerie on a woman. She would hopefully be pleased with his offering and would perhaps reward him with BJs?


5 thoughts on “Todays News: March 14th Steak and Blow-Job Day

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