Leo and Monty ‘Play’

At this very moment, 07:12PM on Thursday 9 March 2006, Leo and Monty are upstairs playing doctor-doctor, sorry I meant “Hairdresser-Hairdresser”

Leo promised Monty he would let him straighten Leo’s curly-worly hair, in return Leo gets to use the bathroom first. (Monty takes 3 hours to take a bath)

Monty has been systematically, and for the better part of an hour, spraying a smorgasbord of hair products on Leo’s head while he straightens it.

This is so gay. Holy crap.

I just had to race Leo to Monty’s bed (where the digital camera was) because I wanted to upload the pictures of them ‘playing’ on my blog.

Leo beat me there. Damn damn!

He lunged all the way from the ‘hair-chair’ onto the bed, grabbed the camera and clutched it feverishly to his bosom.

I swear, on all the Hindu Gods on products, by the Kali lunchbox, by the Ganesh beer, I will get those pictures.


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