Leo and Monty Play: Part 2

After all that ‘hairdresser-hairdresser’ game playing, Monty’s promise of a bath for Leo was left unfulfilled.

The boiler broke.

No hot water.

Here’s is the result of Monty’s hairdressing. I leave you to judge.

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11 thoughts on “Leo and Monty Play: Part 2

  1. Do you have Leo’s mobile number in the UK? I have some free international minutes and would like to call him. -Mansha

  2. You crazy people, this actually has been highly entertaining, but this blog kicks Janinethedope’s ass…atleast right now. Leo that hair-do looks fabulous, you should consider learning it and walking around Bombay like that. Anyway losers, I’m off to read some literature. Adios.

  3. leo, i think i might go as far as saying that i liked you better when you were homophobic… atleast back then experimenting and talking about hair was totally my forte..

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