Patented Slacker Invisibility Cloak: In Stylish Red

I just realised while I’ve been sitting here faffing around blogging, a group of people I was assigned to work with are loading this lecture we reviewed.

They are sitting right next to me and now I’m not sure if they know that I’m in their group?

But they saw me at the lecture? So…. are they are just ignoring me. I feel odd, invisible even.

I didn’t do too much work but I shall probably be credited (I hope).

Now I’d like to try to join in but it’s too late since everything is already done…?? and anyway it would be embarrassing,

U… sorry… i’m in your group…uhm are you guys working? really? could i… uhm just watch because I haven’t really anything to contribute to the group….”

what the fuck man. I’m so goddamn useless.

Am I invisible??? is that why they don’t notice me??
Can it be?
Is it possible?
Have all my dreams come true??


Deranged comments preferred

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