H. Gossip and Some Postcards

Painted B/W photograph with photo paints.

Painted B/W photograph with photo paints.

Deanne and Riddhi. On the left is Deanne, on the right Riddhi (Those sexy bitches)

H. said that I must be obsessed with Leo. This hurts me.

Possibly because I have blogged so much about Leo it might just be true

But if so I seem to have exhausted my supply of Leo related gossip, However there is a wealth of information about H.

Now H, once upon a time, had a crush on Riddhi.

This was in the 9th standard during our annual school trip to Lonavla. Lonavla is a great place, 3 hours outside Mumbai.

The school booked us in a shitty hotel, but no parents, so what the fuck did we care.

Lonavla also has the greatest chocolate walnut fudge and toffee sweets. Anyway before I drool all over my keyboard I should continue with my story about bichara H.’s doomed romance.

Riddhi was dating Bheeshma at the time. Vice-captain of S.V house, excellent in sports and above average in academics (that fucking smug bastard) She was also going to the School trip ‘ball dance’ with ol’ Bheesy.

This ‘ball dance’, by the way, was strictly regulated by our conservative teachers. The boys couldn’t dance too close without the teachers clucking like a bunch of nervous chickens.

One teacher pulled us girls to the side just before the trip and told us what clothes would be permitted. She then read out a list of ‘inappropriate attire’, such as: no shorts, no skirts, no sleeveless, no spaghetti tops.

I just had to ask,

“Miss, are we allowed to wear burqas?”

Shreya slapped me and Mrs. Chatterjee looked embarrassed.

So anyway while everyone was cheerfully dancing the night away (10.30pm) H.and Leo sat upstairs in the shitty hotel room and sulked together. (I’m not sure why Leo was sulking)

“Dude man…, like, what does Riddhi see in that guy?”

“I dunno man, I don’t care.”

(Leo, ever empathetic)

On an unrelated note, this guy asked me to the dance when we were on this same trip and I was so fucking clueless I didn’t get it. A couple of years later this I was at another party and the same guy asks me..

“Hey J, wanna dance?”

and I say, in all innocence,

“Really?…..with who?”

“What the fuck do you mean with who? With me you idiot”

Boys are so weird.

If anyone has any more information/gossip/slander about H. I will happily reward them with a postcard, probably of Deanne.

I love B/W printing. Deanne again with felt-pen & photo-paint.

I love B/W printing. Deanne again with felt-pen & photo-paint.

Deanne eating a pizza.

Deanne eating a pizza.


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  1. doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood,man. i fell off my bed (ok, not really, but i did giggle for a good 45-50seconds.) (oh, and my keyboard isnow completely fucked.the spacebar is 2/3non-functional. andit costs a fucking bomb to replace. fuckingapple bastards. end ofpaenthetis.)

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