Photogram Font

Photogram font - Q, U & I

Photogram font – Q, U & I

G & O. I'm so angry with myself for not keeping the full alphabet.

G & O. I’m so angry with myself for not keeping or scanning the full alphabet. Dolt.

I have some more H. gossip Ladies and Gentlemen.

Unfortunately none of it is current. He doesn’t seem to do much now a days. Sigh. My blog is doomed.

I’d give you my own personal gossip but I’m tragically dull.

Oh yes about H., when we were in school now, H. actually managed to ask my friend Shweta out on a date. This was very scandalous back then, but H. was always progressive.

This girl accepted his offer and they went out for a movie. I really admire H. for this. I’ve gone to a Hindi movie with this girl and she cried through most of it. She didn’t want to sit next to me because I kept laughing.

What do you expect? Aishwariya Rai running around with her stick-in-the-mud pondhu arranged marriage hubby (they always are aren’t they?), who , like a great big dolt has offered to take her all over Europe to look for her lover boy boy-friend so that they can ‘be together’. Of course, Aishu decides she wants to stick around with the pondhu because its her ‘duty’ just as she finds her loverboy.

What a fucking surprise. Anyway Shweta cried, sniffed and sobbed all through the film.

Good fucking luck H.

Before I get carried away with my rant… half way through their movie date H. gently edges his hand along the arm rest. An agonizing 5 minutes later he edges closer, and closer, and closer, until finally…….he holds her hand (Oh my!).

Shweta inclines her head, and turns it slowly towards him, and whispers softly in his ear…..

“I feel uncomfortable……can you please let go…..”

They never went out on another date. Five or six years later they met at a New Years eve party and finally broke up.

6 thoughts on “Photogram Font

  1. i feel the need to correct that… shweta said “im feeling weird”. between having to hear that and discovering that shweta is actually a man, ill pick the latter. on a seperate note.. juninho you’re an idiot.

  2. i’m glad you’ve finally started picking on someone else. although i can’t help but notice how much duller your blog has become of late. without a dissertation to shirk, your creative juices don’t seem to flow that well. maybe youshould start shirking another dissertation just for the heck of it.also, love the postcards. fucking awesome. how the hell did you do that?also, am sending you an article i wrote for tehelka (for free. i’m such an idiot). have a look and tell me what you think.

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