Raining Noodles

Amols blog seems to get way too many comments. I’m jealous now.

One of his blog entry’s detailed how he made a salad.
fuck man.
a salad
Is food that popular?

Let me tell you how I made packet noodles imported from somewhere in South Korea.

First, I go to Soho.
In Soho there is a chinese supermarket called “New Loon Moon Supermarket”.
Its cramped but crowded. It caters beyond the typical Sainsbury’s, Tesco cellophane wrapped food.
For example it has Salted Mango, Udon Noodles, Lychee wine, Sake, Plum Wine, Fish balls, ready made dim sum stuffed with lotus, but best of all it has MAMA noodles. Better than Koka noodles, Better than Supernoodle, and even better than Maggie by far.

You fill 350cc of boiling water, pour it over the noodles and the packet sauce, cover leave for three minutes.

Your done.

Stick that in your salad Amol.


10 thoughts on “Raining Noodles

  1. ello! the noodles u cook look/sound a lot like my daily diet…we should get together and have a gourmet maggi some day! bon appetite! njoi!

  2. Cup Noodles in HK was awesome too… fast and easy.Hehe.. thanks for the salad comment.Foood rules dude!If there’s food around, I’m there.

  3. its weird how everyone posts into the wrong blog. the dino one is lower. but do i care? no.its a dinosaur. Heble loves dino’s. He and Shanaya talked about dinosaurs on their ‘date’ when we locked them on the balcony

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