Apple And Sausages

It is a strange yet intriguing fact that blogging about food seems to generate a lot of comments. Being the comment whore that I am, I intend to exploit this as much as possible.

Right now seems to be an ideal time to do so. ‘Ready Steady Cook’ is on TV and I’m also feeling quite drowsy and bloated (perfect for blogging) from stuffing myself with lunch that I actually, hallelujah, made myself from scratch. And it only took 10 minutes.

For me cooking should :

  • Take minimal effort
  • Minimal time
  • Leave the least amount of dishes to clean

Apple and Sausages
Very yummy very easy.





  1. Oil in a pan, (30 secs)
  2. Dump in sausages, (1 min)
  3. While they brown cut up apples into chunks, (2 mins)
  4. Bung the cut apples into the pan, (3 secs)
  5. Sprinkle sage on top [I used dried sage but fresh, they say, is better] (30 secs)
  6. Put some mustard in as well, couple of spoons I guess? (10 secs)
  7. For some reason I put a small peg of apple juice in as well. I don’t know if that helped at all. (5 secs)
  8. Anyway when everything looks like its cooked turn off heat (5-6 mins)
  9. Place on a plate and eat (15 mins)

Total Cooking Time: 10 mins 18 secs
Total dishes/cutlery used: 1 frying pan, 1 plate, 1 fork, 2 knives

Tomorrow I shall tell you all about making sandwiches.
Welcome to the student food blog from now on.

Other helpful tips:

  • Avoid eating more than one meal a day. It saves energy making it.
  • Avoid eating food that takes time to prepare.
  • Buy fruits and tomatoes and cheese, which are excellent for munchies.

Disclaimer: Any food poisoning is not my responsiblity.


5 thoughts on “Apple And Sausages

  1. “Buy fruits and tomatoes and cheese which is actually excellent for munchies.”are we supposed to throw in a dash of bad poetry as well? or was that unintentional? 🙂

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