Rick Random Rumours

View from the back of a rick

View from the back of a rick

Ratna, my favorite ‘artiste’ friend is currently making a 30 foot sculpture and is rumored to be dating a Dubai golfer called Sinbad.

My boss is rumored to own a leather skirt (which he recently had altered) and there have also been claims that he has a porn collection to rival Hugh Hefner.

Some of his favorites are granny porn, midget porn and transgender porn.

A colleague recently broke one such DVD featuring some transgenders servicing various marines, and an individual very close to ‘the boss’ reported that he was

“Distraught and angry at this loss”


4 thoughts on “Rick Random Rumours

  1. i remember reading sinbad stories…he partook in many of my fantasies. flood of very pleasant memories coming in. grinning ear to ear. a name change sounds like a brilliant idea right now!

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