Heater Ash Remote Postcard

Ashtray BW

I’m not sure what to do with this one. Colour it I guess.

I really just want to varnish everything. Clear wood varnish is the most gorgeous thing.

Spray varnish claims to be clear but actually turns paper a mild yellow just on the first coat. Any subsequent coats builds up the yellow.

This is a nice effect and it also avoids brush marks.

However I’ve found that watercolor paper absorbs the varnish so much that building up a gloss takes many coats. Its better to do it on non absorbent cheaper paper if you want it to look shiny.

If you don’t have varnish water-based glue paste does well enough to give a gloss but tends to leave brush marks. However mixing poster paint and glue makes very interesting effects.

Clear wood varnish does exactly what the says on the tin. I prefer gloss to satin. I’m not sure why.

God I need to get a life.


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