A Tragic Day

I have some terrible and tragic news.


Brace yourselves.

My ipod….(sob)….

*sniff sniff*

Has completely died!!


It caught me off guard. Yes, it had acted weird. I mean it kept hanging, first it was just once in a while, but then it started doing it every day (sob).

I didn’t know!! I thought it was normal!

That’s what electronics do, I said. They’re temperamental, I said.

How could I have known???

And I had just started listening to Pink Floyd. The whole of Bombay seemed to constantly update their Pink Floyd collections but I never really got into them.

H. would ramble on and on excitedly about Pink Floyd and I had to fake enthusiasm it was hard. Pretending, constantly lying about how I was really into them…the lies, so many lies.

Just as I was listening to comfortably numb for really the first time and finally actually liking it
it happened

It died.

A bit of my soul died too. (sniff)

I did everything thing I could. But it was too late. It was gone.

The Genius Bar at the Apple store made me wait in line for 2 and a half hours and still couldn’t fix it. Typical. Just like the fucking NHS bastards!


So I sent it away. (SOB) My little baby.

To a farm. In iTunes heaven.

Mourn with me people.

*sob sob sniff sniff wail*


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