Opening page perhaps of Val and Ken. The End page might have just ken holding a beer baby.
I think in general the comic should have minimal colour. I had thought i’d mix styles, like b/w ball-point, line drawing in ink, paint, colour pencil? Maybe it should all be paint? But really limited palette. prussian blue, burgundy, chrome, dark green,
I dunno. Maybe all pastel colors except for those colours. Damn i’m too indecisive.

Opening scene of the black dog inn. Perhaps the panel of ken and his friend should have some text discussing godzilla in a really academic sort of jonathan ross geek way. I’m terrible at dialogue. Deep burgundy wallpaper, or yellow?

1st panel, Dark green wallpaper Ken comes home, Val’s been waiting, He’s late. She’s not pleased. View of living room. Maybe she nags about him not spending enough time with her, maybe she nags about his constant drinking [Leo this is your que, please draw on Laila’s inspiration or your mom whatever] ]Some text is needed. In the loo panel she suggests, gently, of course, that perhaps he should go to a gym.

Ken nurses his beer belly after val complains about it, he says nothing. In the next panel after the mirror it has Val patting his belly and saying something about it. The shot of Ken staring at the viewer clutching his beer belly, horror stricken perhaps? hes not keen on the gym

small panels of cartoon car and val and ken have a conversation…not sure what. the next panel the billboard on top of the gym, sky is blue with clouds vals head is turned to ken. she says something, i guess “you’ll love it” etc. Next panel is the same size, but the building seems huge and towering, the sky is dark red, lightening, the windows are barred and shine a yellow light on a dark red building, ken seems tiny looking up at it, val isn’t around to emphasize his isolation, next panels goes back to the small size, just a close up of the muscular man on the billboard, below that should be a shot of val smiling and leaving ken to get fit, and thats as far as i’ve got. Val ways goodbye cheerfully. ken just stands there and waits for her to leave.

Ken checks his watch or just fiddles with his coat. Calls up his friend [name i don’t know yet], says whatever something about meeting for a drink. in the background a hot girl who works at the gym tries to entice him inside.
shot of the pub on a hill. tiny figure walks towards it. the sun moves across, a glass with pint measurements and a diagram of a stomach in the next 2 panels. Ken walks into the pub, his friend smiles at him ” hey what happened to val she let you off the hook,” ken says something back..? Perhaps they continue with their conversation i sketched out in later blog entries. at some point his friend should say “mate don’t you ever change out clothes, talks about Godzilla vaguely mentions his book? ken might crib about val nagging? Some banter over these panels basically.

Next page. ken sighs as he leaves the pub. he looks up at the black dog sign and signs. small panel of val nagging maybe? he walks in through the door. vals arms are open shes really happy about it as he walks through the front door. ken avoid eye contact perhaps, lies to val about working out. maybe later theres a panel of ken sucking in his stomach when val sortof inspects him. she does later become suspicious about him not really losing wieght but in fact his beer belly seems to be increasing. ken grows or appears to grown fond of his little tummy.

next needs to be the birthing scene, passage of time needs to be shown, not sure how. perhaps its winter
bare trees? or summer?



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