Handmade Postcards

I have lately received the best bunch of handmade postcards and collage seems to be the most popular medium.

Charis or Harris, or even Charalambos Jason Louca the third, was blackmailed into sending me a postcard by far the most impressive one. Not only did I have to sign a special delivery package [I don’t think he realized that regular stamps are just as efficient.] but the A4 envelope was so cello-taped up that it took nearly five whole minutes to get it open, then there was the inner package, a clear plastic bag and a cardboard backing.

So the suspense was adequately built for this work of genius, for some reason I was expecting macaroni and sequins, but here is the masterpiece….

The masterpiece stretched for four fab pages, here are the two main ones.

Bling Bling Bling Bling 2




Deranged comments preferred

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