a little late night ranting

i feel quite frustrated with how the comic is turning out. when it was only a b/w inked drawing i thought or at least i imagined that colour would give it body, and, give it some kind of flow, but the first 4 pages that i’ve colored in just don’t seem substantial enough but in fact seem as my tutor put it, regarding my panel layout “fairly pedestrian”
the panel layout, can be called pedestrian, ‘ll agree but it was a conscious decision. I’ve always wanted to make a comic, for ages, and i always imaged that unlike so many other comics mine wouldn’t be so cluttered, the panels wouldn’t be crammed, the layouts would be beautiful and have a lot of space between them, but I’ve realized over time and many attempts at drawing out narrative that it just doesn’t work, sure Tom Gauld does it, but how does he do it? and what does he say? his short stories have a build up and then a punchline, for example, a man walks and walks through the comic and eventually returns only to realize he didn’t get milk. but this just doesn’t work in a general story, for example in ‘Maus’, i cant be bothered to flip through a bunch of pages to find out how his dad got out of the nazi camp.

anyway the colour thing just isn’t working. i feel fairly frustrated. should i print out the inked scans again and rework them? continue painting at random other panels and hope it all just works out? repaint the existing panels, paint all off them? shade them? what??
fuck man


One thought on “a little late night ranting

  1. i’mnot so sure about the colour. but maybe once you finish colouringit in, the panels will have some depth. as of now, with only a few colours, it looks really weird. pick one man. don’t leave it half way.

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