Perverse Products

Why do cosmetic companies, or any manufacturers for that matter, occasionally bring out an absolutely outstanding product and then stop producing it?
Like for example, Lakme’s Brilliance Blue eye liner [for the uneducated, its a thick, smooth, bright blue, glittery eyeliner]

It’s their best fucking product, why why why by all the gods did they stop making it??

And even worse replace it with CRAP eyeliners, you know, the dull blue that looks like black for the oh so dreary office worker, or the pale pale purple you cant even see on your skin.

Dammit man, I want that blue.


2 thoughts on “Perverse Products

  1. It’s like that oh so popular Brit company, Lush. They take 1/3 of the products off every year so they can cause mayhem with the silly gals like me that have to have what they can’t!

  2. ah yes, lush, i love lush, but luckily i have not yet developed an addiction. I think from now on I’m going to stock up on products i like before they vanish mysteriously.

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