Change of Direction and Some Progress

I decided, after some indecision, or more to the point it dawned on me that acrylic isnt really my thing, or at least it doesnt do anything for this comic.

So I printed out copies of the B/W version and switched to colour pencil as an experiment. I personally much prefer it. I also added more ‘dot’ detail with my black pen.

Here are trial pages 1a and 1b


10 thoughts on “Change of Direction and Some Progress

  1. greetings from a stranger. good work scritch and leo i hope your wishes come true, which will mean i die. now i have second thoughts. couls you please spare me.

  2. Is this the german nikhil? hello.secondly leo, why do you yet again hate everyone? what terrible crime have they commited against you? what henious offence have you had to bear? -scritch

  3. they;re either reslly smart ir really stupid and that realy bugs ne. (pardon thwe typos. it;s been a long night anf iy’s dark and i dont care)

  4. so leo, out of the really smart and really stupid categories, which one do we fit into? lol. But yeah, i also hate everyone, for different reasons, but similar sentiments.

Deranged comments preferred

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