Spam Blog

Every time I create a new blog entry now they make me word verify.

Apparently my blog is a suspected spam blog because of its, and I quote,

“irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text”


“icdgetfd” was this entry’s word verification.


11 thoughts on “Spam Blog

  1. your so right, there is definately something sinister behind those pedestrian crossings, but i think ive discovered something potentially even more alarming than the governments willingness to have us standing around like idiots waiting for traffic lights to change. You see my conspiracy theory centeres around the movements of a certain crafty,sly,calculated and possibly evil group that lurks amongst us…PIGEONS!,Firstly they always hang around key landmark areas in the country, they shit everywhere, you can’t understand what their saying (this logic can also be applied to homeless people)They’ve got the ideal characteristics of an evil sadistic group that are just awaiting their chance to enslave us all.(the ultimate ‘coo’ of all time)You see no matter where you go you always see a bloody pigeon , and you have to ask yourself why is that? what do they want? what are they waiting for? Why do they ‘bob’ their heads up and down like that? I dont have all the answers yet, but im sure the truth behind these sinister birds will make itself known soon. So we must keep watching the sky’s, otherwise those feathered bastards will have us all in flap.You have been warned.

  2. hahahaha two pun appreciators obviously. birds of a feather [ick]rats with wings, although a vermin enthusiast in my class says pigeons don’t carry around any more diseases than your average bird.

  3. anna is very cute indeed. she also smiles and laughs a lot. and drinks lots of vodka and spritesi had to remove the links because they looked crap and weren’t even real links. Until i find a real way to link it in any case i’ve removed them. how did you get it on your blog?

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