I had some news for today but I cant remember what exactly….?

Was it that Habib’s wife made him sleep in the car two weeks ago because he got completely sozzeled on sangria?

Was it that Charis’s hair pains me more and more every-time I see it?

He insists on growing it even though Bon Jovi and all the idiots from Guns n Roses have conclusively proven that long hair on men is just plain wrong.
[the worst band ever, worse than Take That, even worse than NSYNC, far worse, to sully so badly the good name of rock n roll]

And he insists on gelling every inch of it, so from the front it looks windswept and from the back it looks like someone swatted him with a frying pan.

ooooo….Charis is going to kill me now.

I was going to tell you another conspiracy theory but I’ve completely forgotten what it was?

…UFO’s in the solar eclipse…no…..
…Ro. being stalked by invisible people, no thats her conspiracy…..
… it’ll come to me eventually.

I’m sure you will all [one reader] be on tenterhooks


Deranged comments preferred

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