Random Rants & General Grievances

Hagen Das Cookies and cream does NOT have enough cookies.

Those cheap bastards

The Marks & Spencers advertisement with that bitch saying

“This isn’t JUST foooooooood, this is M&S fooooood!”

The way Ro insists playing GTA doesn’t influence her in any way,
however, the minute she stops playing, her bad language and general violence [slapping, poking, swearing at random] seems to increase.

I cant think of anything else that bugs me, oh yes someone read Leo’s article on “Conquering Homophobia” and was so hugely offended it was incredible.

Besides Monty I mean, although personally I thought it was a fairly honestly written piece about being homophobic.

Gay men might not be quite so liberal though.


5 thoughts on “Random Rants & General Grievances

  1. who is this very easily offended soul and where did he/she get a copy of that article?also, the M&S ads rule. i mean, don’t dont just rule, they M&S roooooooooooooool.

  2. ‘Hair-Today Magazine’ wish to express their deepest concerns in respect of the untoward comments regarding their cheif patriache Charis Jason Louca the seond (long may he live). Having appeared on the magazine’s front cover a world record 77 times, Mr Louca’s (long may he live) hair is considered the ‘pride and joy’ of our companies great legacy. We have therefore deemed it an incredible insult that you wish to believe otherwise, and even more concerning that you wish to publicise this fact. Mr Louca (long may he live) is considered quite a ‘sensetive soul’ and may even contemplate cutting his beautiful hair after constant barracking from certain individuals such as yourself, if such a tragedy were to befall the company, the future of the Magazine would be considered obsolete: a case of Hair-Today gone tommorrow. We therfore emplore you to refrain from being detrimental regarding Mr Louca’s (long may he live) hair, afterall this is the man who pioneered the ‘wind-swept-spikey-at-the-back-look’influencing such major public figures such as Bon Jovi and ‘Sonic the hedgehog’.We hope this message will therefore help get to the root of the problem and gel the together any past disagreemants over Mr Louca’s (long may he live)superb and unique hair. MR H.Folecules Editor of Hair-Today Magzine.

  3. -scritch – well this offended soul read your article probbly online from monty god knows, definately not from maxim mag, but was horrified at your portrayal of gay men

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