Babel Fish

Once again I’m using my blog as a tool to unnecessarily abuse harmless friends.

Apparently “Yoda speak” from star wars is english translated to Japanese and then back again to english. So I tried it for myself.

“Leo is an absolute ass.
You would think that perhaps an absolute is hard to achieve
but Leo has absolutely done it”

Translated to Japanese:
Leo は多分絶対的存在は達成しにくいが、Leo は絶対にそれをしたとあなたが考える絶対協会である

Translated back to English:
Leo is difficult to achieve absolute existence perhaps, but Leo
that it did that absolutely, is the absolute association which you think

Translated to Chinese:
利奥Mirani 难达到绝对存在或许, 但它绝对做那的利奥, 是您认为的绝对关联

Translated back to English:
Leo inaccessibility absolutely exists perhaps, but it
absolutely is that Leo, is absolutely connection which you thought

Translated to French:
L’inaccessibilité de M. de Lion existe absolument peut-être,
mais c’est absolument ce Lion, est absolument une connexion qui vous pensée

Translated back to English:
Absolutely perhaps the inaccessibility of M. de Lion exists, but
it is absolutely this Lion, is absolutely a connection which thought you


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