Mumbai Metal to London Indie

Went to a gig last night at Old Spitafields market.

As a general rule, I’m completely against going to gig’s.

I’m not sure why.

Probably from attending gig’s with Riddhi in Bombay.

All those pimply guys wearing black band T-shirts with AC/DC or Kiss.

Jumping around, smashing stuff randomly (as you do), pretending to listen to Makhija’s band at The Raspberry Rhinoceros.

(Makhija’s band used to be called, and I do not lie, (hahahaha) Green Reptilian Monster Death)

And then the music. Oh God the music.

Can you blame me??

I was traumatized.

Even that thing at Rangbhavan.

What a fucking joke.

More pimply guys in black T-shirts with Sepultura or Pantera this time.

(Rangbhavan’s a big venue, you probably need the Kiss/ACDC upgrade)


It’s an excuse to smoke up in public and mosh without being put in jail.

As you can imagine Riddhi loved it. (and probably loves it still)


the 3 bands playing last night were a pleasant change.

NO band T shirts,


Not Death Metal thank god.

Unfortunately, the first opening band ‘She said’ played to a crowd of about 10 people. They were (I thought) by far the most enjoyable band. Great sound, similar to The Coral and BMRC, but jazzier I guess?

Cello for bass. The singer had this deep, throaty jazz voice.

She wore a red dress, black stockings and black high heels.

You can imagine where I was looking. (And I had a nice view too)

The next band ‘Botanica’ were likable, US of A. The audience had considerable increased.

The third and headlining band Busetti were pure shite.

(ok, fine, not shite but not my thing).

8-9 members barely doing anything, a fucking harp, trombone and a sax. The trombone/sax were the only good thing about this shitty excuse for a group of students to jump up and down on a stage overflowing with equipment.

Luckily it was now 11pm, most people, including myself, were fairly pissed. Therefore everyone was dancing while I was slowly being hypnotized by the projector and mellowing gently in 3 whiskeys.

So to conclude….

The crowd loved Busetti but ‘She Said’ hadn’t a chance considering they played at 8pm.

Who’s drunk at 8?

Leo don’t answer that.


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