The Dental Beer Race

Did anyone know that there is a dentist’s beer race in London?

Why why wasn’t I told?? How completely odd. dentists running around bladdered. I wonder if they ever get so pissed they try and extract their own teeth?

Leo if you ever write that up let me put it on my blog.


3 thoughts on “The Dental Beer Race

  1. It’s the ‘barts and the london’ dental beer race held between whitechapel and mile end and it’s mostly medics as well as dental students who dress up in outrageous fancy dress and get hammered and cause general havoc in east london. Being a medic/dental student rocks!

  2. what he said.and i was there for it last year, by the way. fucking unbelievavble. remind me to tell you about it when you come down. are you, by thr way?also, i havebig news (it involves drinkming a lot and getting paid for it)get on msn. fool

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