Amol once met my Great Aunt Rita.

and he said “Hi I’m Amol”

and she said “Hi Amol.”

“I’m a Rabbit”

Amol looked completely shocked and horrified.

His eyes looked like this.


6 thoughts on “Amol

  1. HAHAHAHAAH oh shit.Insane eyes.And oh ya.. I remem your aunt. Damn sweet lady, altho she was in an ‘alternative’ mood that day.

  2. i dont even know how to begin explaining to you how brilliant that post is. it has elevated this day from merely good to truly great. on an unrelated note, i went for a a party last night and met some hot chicks.

  3. i think your blog is the only real entertaining thing still left in my life. you give my hope to live baby .LOL. hey did you see heble whining on that post on my blog? the one on the picture of him sleeping on the wall – it pretty much reads, riddhi you’re an idiot. riddhi and janine, you’re both idiots, i hate you guys, i’m going to cry to my mommy now…(okay i added the last line, but what the hell…)wow this post has been like an email…

  4. i love long posts babies.heble is such a sissy.on all my previous posts he’s written “janine your an idiot”witty huh?but your comment really cracked me up.send me more emails

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