Leo asked me to blog some good stuff about him, but since I can’t think of anything besides the obvious nice guy stuff, I shall tell you that Leo used to be a very cute child. True I can only speak about the third standard, before or after that he could have been a ‘proper minger’

But in the third standard he was adorable. He had a big fluffy curly-whorly hair and you just wanted to pinch him, which I did, a lot, in fact I used to bully him constantly. He probably had a lisp as well, and flat feet. I feel like pinching him right now actually.

Ah the good old days, when we were young and boys were sissy’s.

Once I painted a rock to look like a cockroach [it was the worst painted rock in the world] and brought it into class. The girls kept running away and screaming. As you can imagine I was VERY popular.

Leo probably shrieked like a little girl and ran away too but I can’t really recall.

He came to my birthday pool (it was a blow up pool) party that year. He and my brother were the only boys, I kept trying to yank their swimming trunks off. Later in the afternoon my brother tried to convince leo to take a shower together naked. Leo said no, luckily for him, because all the girls ran in the loo to point and laugh.


7 thoughts on “Leonora

  1. You people obviously have very little to do. And I actually believe that Kazan asked him to shower naked.Also, I found this sentence construction (‘He came to my birthday pool [it was a blow up pool] party that year.’) weird, but its correct. Sorry this is what my education plus job have done to me.

  2. yes beta, that sentence is weird indeed. I was going to correct it but my blogger is being a prissy little bitch and is taking really long to do anything. it should be my ‘He came to my birthday pool party that year, [it was a blow up pool]’ of course kazan asked him to shower naked. at that point my brother had no shame whatsoever.Once mom & molly even dressed him up in my pink frock once, with pink little shoes and a pink clip bangles and clip-on earrings. Theres a photo of it. my mom’s hidden it somewhere.

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