My flatmates are getting weirder and weirder (Monty and Anders).

They sleep nearly all day now. At about 3pm-4pm they might leisurely crawl out of bed. Smoke a joint, I imagine.
They never leave their bedroom, especially since they have TV on their desktop (very slick) and every movie available to download (not that slick but ok).

Yesterday at about 6pm they went out shopping. An hour later they came back with the entire shop.
Then they left again, to shop some more. Apparently for the stuff they forgot. Then they came back.

They smoked a joint and watched ‘Nanny McPhee’.

At about 9 in the evening, for no particular reason, both of them start cleaning the living room windows like mad. Inside and outside.

Who knows why
Are they bored?
Are the stoned?
Are they crazy?
Who can say.


Deranged comments preferred

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