Beer Baby Page 1 & 2

Imagine this as a book, I imagine it being single spreads.

and an alternative option:



8 thoughts on “Beer Baby Page 1 & 2

  1. dude. the new colouring is far, far better. much more subtle, much less garish. i prefer the vertical layout to the horizontal one though.

  2. i’m not sure about the vertical. the other pages dont look very good vertical. but i think the ken panel does look better vertical , i’m not sure if i should turn the one with the mirror sideways on the horizontal layout

  3. doood, dood doesnt have to be american doood. dont you see that doood? dood can be as indian as pav bhaji dooood. specially the way we say it. besides, i think doood also finds a place in the international stoner language dooooood. dood

  4. dood seriously duded its so monty to say dude so wannabe americano dood besides there’s no such thing as International stoner slang. dude is just plain ol american dude. seriously i insist you comment on my ode to hugh laurie. a whole 30 seconds that took me.

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