Job Rejection Letters

How depressing is this.


Dear Janine,

We’re not looking for a full-time designer. As we’re a very small company we work only with freelancers. I will keep you in mind for future projects.

All best wishes,

Dear Janine,

Thank you for your application for the creative education post [either:
photography leader; comic book artist; games designer]. I am sorry to say
you have not been short-listed for interview. Please understand I received
70 applications for the above posts, and short-listed those with most
relevant experience of working with young people, not on artistic merit. I
wish you luck in the future.

PS: I thought your designs were pretty amazing, just not quite what I was
looking for in this project. I will keep your details, however, and if
anything else comes up will be in touch.

Many thanks
Dylan Potter

Dear Janine

Many thanks for applying for the position of Freelance Designer with Z-CARD.
The interest driven from our advertisement has been phenomenal and the strength of the candidates applying, impressive.

We have had a tough decision on selecting a short list of candidates and we need to ensure that the persons we select have the right skills and credentials to make justice to this role. Even though I believe that you are a strong candidate, we have decided not to further the process with yourself.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Z-CARD and myself to thank you for the interest shown in the position and our company and to wish you well in your future career.

All the best,

Hello there,

Thank you for applying for the job position as an illustrator
We were all impressed by your work but unfortunately for this occasion your
style is not suitable for our project.
Again, thanks for your interest and time. Hope we will be working together
in the future.

Best wishes,
Asami Uetsuji

Hi Janine

Thanks again for your application for our work experience position. Unfortunately on this occasion we felt you were not quite right for what we are looking for. Please don’t take this to heart as we have all been there ourselves.

We thought we could give you a little feedback on your application which may help you in the future.

We really loved your illustration style. Your skills seem to lean towards the the image making illustration side of the business and I would suggest you look into agencies or brands that require those abilities. It would also be worth looking at illustration agencies that could represent you.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

thanks again,
John Gavin
Creative Director

I’m doomed.


6 thoughts on “Job Rejection Letters

  1. they all seem to have something against your illustration style. what do you think it is? the naked chicks? or the naked chicks with bird heads? or the disturbing sexuality? what ever happened to scarlett?

  2. i didn’t think they had anything against my illustration style except 2 perhaps, the other 3 were reasonably positive. aside from rejecting me of course.but better than usual i’d say

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