More Job Rejections

Oh Joy.

This one was quite a bad one.

I sent my CV and link for a designer job for the Sherlock Holmes Museum. John Aidiniantz replied back saying he couldn’t reach the link from the server. So I emailed some JPEG’s from a couple of projects.

To which he replied:

“What does the termites design have to do with Victorian design?
Please read the advertisements before replying to them.
If I can assist further please let me know.
John Aidiniantz
Assistant Curator”


For a minute this wounded me a bit, then it just pissed me off.
I felt the need to defend myself.

So, I haven’t got Victorian design on me, does that mean I am incapable of producing it better than the shit they had on their site? Fuck No.

Could I do it better that the crap they were pitching anyway? Fuck Yes.

If this guy didn’t get that he was a short sighted nimrod [obviously]

Well I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get this job anyway so what the hell…I fired off this reply in my defence.

“Dear John,
‘The Termites’ was a design for a children book. All the illustrations I sent you are examples of what I am capable of doing, in various styles for various completely different projects, as opposed to simple a ‘cut and paste’ artist as the advertisement quoted.

Quite obviously none of them are Victorian but I believe I am capable of being able to draw anything and being inspired by everything whether it is 1920’s fashion to animal poems to Victorian design. These as I mentioned before, were purely examples of that.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely
Janine S.”

………..Ah well, that’s another one down. I hope he replies to that email. Then I’ll have the upper hand and be able to ignore him.



I’m so depressed.


8 thoughts on “More Job Rejections

  1. The Sherlock Holmes MuseumDesigner / Graphic ArtistMuseum with retail souvenirs shop The Sherlock Holmes Museum is looking for a designer/artistwith a flair for the late Victorian period to create designs forsouvenirs, such as bookmarks, mugs, printed matter, brochures etc.Freelance or full-time work availableRequirements: Artistic design skills with photoshop experience.Salary: £80 per day + royalty optionHours: NegotiableTo apply, please email your current CV to londonlinks@gmail.comClosing date: September 2006

  2. dude. before i came to london, one of my ambitions was togo to the sherlock holmes museum. i wrnt to ol’ 221b baker street, stood outside and looked in. i couldnt bring myself to go inside. it was just too depressing. so i went to a pub down the street. now that i’ve read their stupid email tho, i’m glad i didnt give them my 6 quid. them bastids.

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