Mr Madiba

Imagine my excitement when I found this flyer at Elephant and Castle.

We were trying to get to a paper factory in Stockwell from Trafalgar Sq. (Charring Cross is 4 stops from Stockwell on the northern line)


But being directionally challenged artists, without a clear group leader (like a very large, headless chicken), we ended up taking a bus to Elephant and Castle, then getting off there and taking the northern line down to Stockwell ?? How vague of us arty types.

But if we hadn’t been so clueless I would never have discovered Mr. Madiba.

Is this the doppelgangger of Mr. Wahabu? Or his alternate identity? Or perhaps his competitive brother?


4 thoughts on “Mr Madiba

  1. yo dawg, stop being so goddamn yank doode.dude man. As soon as I find my OWN Mr. Wahabu flyer you cant moan about theft hahaha. Now all I need to do is head off to Peckham Rye tube station and find him.

  2. scan? oh no. there are plenty of maps already online. or google it if you prefer. I did however take the trouble of photoshoping it rather badly with some red scribbles. and yes i have grown to love my blog like the child I hope never to bear. a very ugly opinionated child. with a bad temper.

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