Useful Information

Wouldn’t it be great if my blog actually supplied people with useful information?

Sadly, this is not one of those blogs. Be prepared to be bored boys and girls.

[its 3:23am]
Leo will be thrilled to learn at I am slightly tipsy right now and waiting for some rice and dal too cook [which is why I’m blogging.

I spent from 7 to 10 watching the football match in the pub.
Although to say ‘watching’ is a bit of a stretch. My back was towards the TV screen and I was thankfully protected from such mind numbing crap.


6 thoughts on “Useful Information

  1. Here’s a COMMENT with a BUNCH of random CAPITALIZATIONS. Just thought I’d brighten up your day and COMMENT on your BLOG, which happens to be very entertaining, especially SINCE it takes the PISS out of FORUM, I mean LEO. Also, he gets SO IRATE when I COMMENT on your BLOG and not HIS. Thank you for your eloquent response letter to my quasi-doubts about being all about the Isle of Lesbos. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more.I’m planning to pack my bags and leave Sydney for London in 2008. Seriously. Leo should come too and we can all live in a cramped bed-sit in Ballam. Together. -Mansha, or Muncher, or Carpet Muncher or whatever the hell Australians choose to call me everyday.

  2. I like the random capitalizations very much. I was thrilled this morning, while swimming through my hangover, to find two highly amusing comments.Leo will be very upset indeed.I think you should make Leo jealous often by commenting loads on my blog and neglecting his.

  3. Let’s make an insult blog dedicated to Leo. We can call it “The Stench of The Flowers”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Sometimes I purposely don’t comment on his blog, even though I could very easily. He doesn’t comment on mine either, so I don’t really see the problem.

  4. i think thats a great idea! although sad to admit ‘tell me panic’ is partly dedicated to insulting leo anyway. which sortof kindof fuels his huge ego and gives him great excuses to whine a lot.

Deranged comments preferred

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