Easy on the eye

I saw a very beautiful girl yesterday.

She was Latvian with curly mottled blonde hair, huge blue eyes edged by pale gold eye-shadow and thin lips with a pale gold glitter on them [which was highly fascinating in itself]. Her nose was very hooked [she was a true Russian]. She only had to step out of a drawing from a Russian fairy-tale to be completely believable.

Now, London is a city stuffed full of model type girls with their Caucasian noses, straightened hair, square jaw. Footballers wives. But they all look the same. They all look rather tiring. And they all seem to say ‘innit’, a word that should be publicly banned instead of banning cigarettes.

To get to the point,..

..while she didn’t say much, she was very good to look at.
Like a nice piece of art.


4 thoughts on “Easy on the eye

  1. weirdly enough, a guy in my class is doing a project about beauty [or something] and gary [tutor no. 2] asked me if I saw someone i thought was beautiful. obviously I had to mention the russian princess with the aquiline nose.

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