It is my plan to get plastered tonight, and suitably distracted.

I’m also wearing a skirt and a reasonably slutty top.

I would define ‘reasonably slutty’ as showing just enough cleavage and perhaps a hint of exotic lingerie but not enough that it looks like you’re completely easy.


7 thoughts on “Tonic

  1. am shocked to see that you refer to certain unmentionable individuals as ‘british born foreign racists’. I myself happen to be of Greek cypriot origin born in Great Britain. I am therefore hated by greeks from cyprus who refer to me as a ‘greek charlie’, and i am also resented by the english who refer to me some what more affectionately as a ‘f!?!?!g greasy greek c!!t’. I thefore treat both nationalities with equal contempt. It just so happens that because i live in england that my comments maybe construed as ‘anti-english’ That could not be further from the truth. I infact love the english. The whole lot of those beer swilling,pie chewing, tea and biscuit taking, all i can say is ‘innit mate’ lot of them. God bless them. You see What really gets my goat are those eliteist’s that come from more ‘developed’ nations than cyprus (thats not hard), embrace a culture that once enslaved their own and decide that by being so ‘high and mighty’ that they may impinge upon those they condider inferior purley because of their belief that if a family originates from a simple village with pigs in cyprus, that it therefore makes me scum.

  2. you know, I have heard from an excellent source that in greece the greek orthodox religion considers pigs sacred and noble animals, much like the Earl of Emsworth…

  3. janine,i am shocked tohear (read?) that you are aware if the arl of emsworth, tyouenever cease to surprise jme. (pardont typos. am drunk)

  4. Leo, don’t be a fool. everyone knows the earl of Emsworth, but you are drunk so i forgive you.i am pretty damn wired myself.this blog is turning into a forum for all sorts of drunks and potheads and idiots isn’t it? god bless the internet

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