Fat Lady

I traced this off a postcard. I’m not sure why.

It is both obscene yet at the same time, strangely intriguing.


10 thoughts on “Fat Lady

  1. She’s sexy in a very pomo kinda way. Since we really don’t know enough about her to ascertain whether she is beautiful on the inside (as all fat people are, naturally), we have to assess her purely on aesthetic merit. And if we do that, she is definitely pleasing to the eye. We don’t recoil in abject horror when we see her, neither are we indifferent. Rather, a pleasant feeling creeps up on us and we find ourselves enamoured of her. Why are we talking like such an upper-crust, St. Paul’s-going, country-manor-owning, opera-watching, ruddy-looking twat with a name like Percival? Okay I’ll stop now. What do you think her name would be? I’m going with Beryl, Mabel or Barbara. All fat people names.-Me

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