Leo’s self obsessivness and PR hungry whoring

Leo requested that I write about him much more (he’s an egocentric boy, Leo is).

I spent the better part of and hour last night coaching him on how to flirt. It was uphill work I tell you. The H.itis has really kicked in and he needs to be rescued now or we can lose all hope.

The best advice I could give him was, if in doubt always ask.
i.e – If you’re not sure if the girl reciprocates your keen interest or likes you enough to let you kiss her, instead of just leaning in, be polite enough to say,

“Hey So and so….do you mind if I kiss you?”


“Can I kiss you?”

or whatever, rephrase as you please.

I’m not sure how good this advice was but personally I’d rather be asked instead of any politeness in paying someone attention is mistaken as some kind of sign.

I’m a really lousy date as you can imagine. And pretty dense too. I find hint taking and hint dropping hard as heck.


Deranged comments preferred

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