Placebo Effect

I have this great imaginary plan for my equally imaginary kids, god forbid, if I ever have any.

I would have two children (that does seem to be the general average, and its also very convenient for the terms of my leetle experiment). One child would be the placebo and the other I’d experiment with psychologically.

Lets call child 1. Muntoo, and child 2. can be Vishesh.

Muntoo would be brought up fairly normally (whatever the hell that means), while Vishesh on the other hand, would be given 2 rooms to live in.

One room will be filled with light and sweets and every toy he could ever possibly want, a happy, happy room.

But if he was naughty, he’d be put into a ‘punishment’ room. Which would be dark, grey and bare. It would have a small slot for bread and water. No toys, no lights, no sweet, no company.

Do you think Vishesh would become like Albert Fisher or just grow up slightly warped and resentful?


5 thoughts on “Placebo Effect

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