The Wrong People

Went to the Blues Bar with Fernanda and Chris.

Why the fuck cant boys I want hit on me? Why the fuck do I get the losers? And why the fuck do I feel bad enough to give them any attention? What the fuck is wrong with me??? It’s not about going out with them or even liking or desiring them but I would prefer to be hit on by people I want, and not the goddamn spares.
Fuck man. Why????

I am such an asshole.

The rules of friendship dictate that once your friend expresses an interest in a girl, it is you’re duty to back off, even if the girl in question has zero or less interest in your friend and would much rather prefer you.

So……..what happens?? I get stuck with the lamo-o instead of the hottie.

I loathe the goddamn rules. Fuck the rules. His friend knew I preferred him, I knew I preferred him but still, I get stuck with the schmuck. It’s fucking guaranteed. The schmuck of course is completely clueless, as they usually are.

I’m going to have to ignore the guy I gave my number to. Assuming of course that he calls. (Sigh). He was a nice guy, but his friend was so much more attractive.

I am such a shallow asshole.


5 thoughts on “The Wrong People

  1. Hmmm.. it’s Murphy’s age old law @ work again.And everyone feels the same at times, just a question of when.Maybe you can try and tell that guy face to face. That’ll make things clearer. For you and for him.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA. Janine, welcome to my world. In the past year I have been hit on by:– A ginger minger,– MicroPenis,– IT Nerd-Man,– Boobs-Bigger-Than-Mine Boy, and– an assorted selection of middle aged ethnic men.At least you’re a hot artist. It’ll happen for you … someday.-Muncher

  3. janine is a jerk yes. she knows and accepts itbut Mansha I’m not even looking to hook up with either of these guys.I’m sure this guy was really sweet and his good-looking friend might have been an ass but thats not even the point i just want the right kind-of ego boosting for the duration of the evening. but inevitably I get stuck with the ‘other’ friend. ALWAYS. and this applies to both sexes

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