Barbara, Godmother Of Luuurve

I have done a terrible and shameful thing. I hang my head.

Look, at what I just bought….

Ah, ‘The Wicked Marquis’, A great favorite. What great illustrations.

Look at her great big stupid cow eyes. Reminds me of someone……Someone beginning with a Z…

You can buy 10, or you can buy 20 [I bought 10]. But however many you buy, this is the story in all of them. Dame Cartland was both unimaginative and obsessive.
Beautiful, delicate flower like girl, usually poor. Mostly blond. And stupid.
The handsome, rugged, ‘wicked’ Lord, Duke or Marquis, usually loaded. Mostly brunette (sorry, raven haired)
The girl with the heart of gold and hair to match is pursued by vile dirty old men against her will.
At some point she swoons dramatically.
Is then carried from someplace to somewhere else by the devilishly dashing Marquis. At some other point of crisis she is either kidnapped or rescued.
More swooning.
Her beautiful soft nature and purity transforms the Marquis and tames his wild heart.
They are married……that’s very important……AND she’s still a virgin (that’s the most important thing).
That last bit is actually very desi.
They supposedly live happily ever after, but you never read about the sex. There is only swooning and kissing allowed. Again very desi.

If anyone asks, my excuse is that I bought them for the ‘cover art’.


5 thoughts on “Barbara, Godmother Of Luuurve

  1. ah, karan , you only say that because you have never discovered the joys of barbara for yourself.Besides, what girl doesn’t want to swoon every now and then?-mistry woman

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