It’s All Good News

Someone finally has decided I’m worth hiring, at least for free. But the project is going to be fun and the guy is a really nice one so I’m happy.

I also just remembered that I dressed for the interview in a white top that unfortunately didn’t button up, so I think a reasonable amount of cleavage was on display. I’m not sure if it helped. I should probably do a survey.

According to Leo, a girl ought to know what flashing cleavage does to a guy, but honestly, I generally don’t expect anyone to be looking (or realize if they do).


I read the first of my 10 Barbara Cartland’s last night. For the first 100 pages nothing happens. During the last 25 she meets a Russian Prince and within minutes they declare undying love, no crisis, no swooning, and in 2 days get engaged and the book ends.

What a load of crock. 2 flipping days?? What idiot would believe a guy who said he loved her after a day???
Well this blonde bimbo certainly did.

Russian Prince my ass. What prince would marry a pauper anyway? Although I do love the charming way Barbara knocks off anyone who may get in the way of the destined-to-be-together couple in any of her novels. And it’s usually the mothers, then the mistresses. I think Barb had some issues with other women. Competition and all..

We can only hope the other 9 will be an improvement.


13 thoughts on “It’s All Good News

  1. Congratulations, and felicitations on the yob (as a Swede would say). I don’t know if I’ve already told you this but I’m in love with about thirty black men right now and I wish that just one of them would ask me to marry them within two days of knowing me. It kind of sucks that I’m in Chicago with my mother, with all these big cocked African warriors swaggering around and making me flustered and I can’t do ANYTHING: meanwhile my best friend Erin is cheating on her girlfriend in Melbourne with some other chic. Some people have all the luck.

  2. thank you mansha. I’m in love the with both the lead guitarists and harmonica guy at blues bar. ones black with dreads the other is Sicilian. and no offense to your best friend, but I both despise and loathe cheaters. Why do people have no principles anymore?Yell at her. she’s being an ass. sigh

  3. I hate cheaters as well. I’ve yelled at her already, which of course means I wrote her an email with lots of RANDOM CAPITALISATIONS, the sort you love so much. It’s a difficult situation (isn’t it always), and I’m sure she’ll work it out with my steadfast encouragement.

  4. not at all. ok, well, maybe just a little bit. [If you meant misanthrope] if you meant misandrist then I have not yet made up my mind, but so far its a no. [or at least I think so]“The fact that someone holds misandrist views may not prevent them from having positive relationships with some men. Conversely, simply having positive relationships with some men does not necessarily mean someone does not also hold misandrist views.”god bless thats just the cheaters then.

  5. I think if nothing else the random capitalizations should push her over the edge. at the very least be a semi-decent human and confess to her I really am a bitchy misanthrope. this is tragic, I’m constantly under the delusion that I’m a fairly cheerful girly.

  6. I think he was referring to your spelling of offence in the second paragraph of your first comment. It is indeed strange that you spell words the americanised way in spite of living in England.

  7. my spell check refuses to change to brit. it even refuses on word. and i don’t really care anyway. leo is just hugely anal,..notice the comma at the end of that sentence instead of a full stop? He will comment on that soon enough,

  8. yawn.. as im a writer for indian television this conversation does nothing for me !! what fullstop what spelling.. we write hindi in roman too..!!!!!!!!

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