May a plague of boils descend on all footballers, their WAG’s and their supporters.

It took me 2 hours to get a night bus because every Italian idiot was running around central London waving some rubbish flag and honking,

2 fucking hours.

Boils on their genitals. Big, fat, pus filled boils.


14 thoughts on “Locusts

  1. Amol, it shocks me that after so many years in school together you still haven’t clocked on to the fact that I’m a reasonably whiny/aggressive/morbid/angry person. and on that note may all the WAG’s chip their perfectly manicured nails and may all their Prada and gucci, designer outfits be eaten by ravenous moths.god I’m so angry.

  2. football is bitchin’ don’t be disrespecting the game.. and Italians have a right to party!! they were gooooood but ya.. two hours is sad ..oh and in response to the Wrong people post… a least there is a decent hottie in the vicinity… with me there are only loosers.. i am THE official fly-paper for freaks…freak one: with girlfriend who he “loves” but he still wanna touch my boobs! Ugh…freak two: psycho.. i tell him we should go for coffee and apparently i am too controling and he will do whatever he wants to do and i should not order him around.. I did tho.. i ordered him to scratch himself and never call again.freak three – LIAR LIAR LIARoh yea and LIARRRR!!! oh ya.. or i am attracted to potential disasters… like they are in Bombay for two weeks and then leave forever… i’m a spring board for people who want visas…eeeeshCreeeeeeeppyyy…

  3. i think your only defending the footie because you in deep lust. so i will dismiss do seem to have some bad luck with the boys tho. especially freak no.2altho no. 1 seems like a fairly standard man actually. altho i’m sure i will get flayed for that misandrist comment [again] this guy wasn’t that bad though. he was really nervous and twitchy while asking me for my number. it was quite funny. he even stuttered. haha i couldn’t say no after all that

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