No more Sherlock, I swear. This is the last batch.


10 thoughts on “No more Sherlock, I swear. This is the last batch.

  1. I like i’. I like i’ a lo’. I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something tragic is going to happen to me in America.Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  2. if <>devilled<> were here, she’d say the bookmarks were utterly phallic, and in limbo with the repressive victorian culture. But she isn’t, so it shall not be said.Other than that, I shall now have to take utmost precaution when opening your page. The amount of pictures makes my poor little browser dance on its head, not to mention tax the meagre bandwidth available to us indians.

  3. thats true, there is some phallic thang going on there, but i never noticed until you pointed it out [or devilled in proxy] i could immediately tell she and I are of the same mind. Aside from the fact that i thought she was a boy, a slightly gay boy.yes i like star card as well. if only i could have that printed on some decent paper

  4. like totally coz, I’m like all TC n’ all na. delhi bitchi want one too man. maybe i can find a way to print them. but then i have to buy zippos. thats too much money

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