Melon And Ham Part 2

The Munt came downstairs last night, and said


And I knew there was trouble in the air.

I’m trying to avoid eye contact and ward off the evil eye of the Munt but the bad feeling wouldn’t leave.

“I’ve invited your ex to my wedding party man……. just deal with it”

Admittedly I didn’t request him to drop all contact (that would be mean), and said it was fine if there were friends as long as he didn’t become some kind of go-between of information

...”guess what they said! or what they did! or who they did! blah blah blah puke”

Still, it annoyed me. But what could I say?

I haven’t exactly dropped all contact either (that would be equally mean).

I knew the Munt was in touch and it was fucking bound to come up. I have no foresight obviously.

So I only end up tutting irritably at Munt because any actual words would have been a waste.

It’s not that I imagine we’d fight, it’s just I’d much rather avoid the emotional quagmire the situation might present.

We shall see.

I’m almost probably sure I’m over dramatizing.


Deranged comments preferred

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