Shiny Sparkly New

Ian Seigal

Ian Seigal

Everything is still a mess.

With no hope of recovery.

I have developed a huge crush on Ian Siegal, the lead singer and guitarist who played at the blues bar last Saturday.

He was one smooth mother. Drunk too and high, I’ll bet. (he kept sniffing)

My friends left at 12 or so to go to bed (fools) so I decided to stick around by myself and watch the end of the show.

It was well worth it.

He somehow managed to remove a cigarette out of his back pocket, fish around for a lighter in his front pocket, light it, while at the same time play the guitar, growl out a song, drink copiously and maintain a steady flow of sexual innuendos between tequila breaks.

And he looked fucking hot doing it.

I dream of taking him home and making him play for me, like a little pet blues monkey. Among other things.

Ian Seigal

Ian Seigal


9 thoughts on “Shiny Sparkly New

  1. your posts are begining to get dangerously maudlin. what happened to the we all know and love?Or know, at any rate? sheesh. and why are you never on msn anymore?

  2. the maudlin the merrier man. if i cant be bitter and cranky on my blog where the hell else?Leo said…wow. what a badly constructed comment.your telling me, i had to read it thrice to figure out what the hell you were saying. some writer. I’m fucking always on msn you fool you’re just too busy mwah-mwahing all over bombay to know.

  3. also, you’re bitter and cranky all over the fucking place. anyway, i’m going out to a nightclub right now (work), but i’ll see you on skype tonight.

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